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Working papers (some are from my desk drawer)

Assigning an unpleasant task without payment (with Susanne Goldlücke) (2018)

Linear Voting rules (with Hans Grüner) (2018)

The sender-payoff approach to signaling and the informed-principal problem (with Timofiy Mylovanov) (2015)

Does eBay’s Second-Chance Offer Policy Benefit Sellers? (with Rod Garratt) (2014)

Matching Heterogenous Agents with a Linear Search Technology (with Georg Nöldeke) (2009)

Garbled Elections (with Patrick Schmitz) (2007)

The Impact of Resale on 2-Bidder First-Price Auctions where One Bidder’s Value is Commonly Known (2004)

Equilibrium Uniqueness in 2-Bidder First-Price Auctions with and without Resale where One Bidder’s Value is Commonly Known (2004)

On the Existence of Linear Equilibria in the Rochet-Vila Model of Market Making (with Georg Nöldeke) (2004)